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Caribou Planning Board Notice of Public Hearing

The Caribou Planning Board will be holding a Public Hearing on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 5:30 PM in the Caribou City Council Chambers. The purpose of this public hearing is to take public comment on proposed changes to the City of Caribou Land Use Table. The proposed changes would add Condominium developments as an allowable land use in the R-1 and R-2 zones. Any development would require Planning Board approval. This move would allow the City to properly zone condo developments in Caribou.

For questions please contact:

Tony Mazzucco
Assistant City Manager
City of Caribou
207-493-3324 ext. 224

Caribou City Council Notice of Public Hearings

The Caribou City Council will hold two Public Hearings on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 7:00 pm in City Council Chambers at 25 High Street. The purpose of the first Public Hearing is to receive written and verbal comment on an Ordinance adopting Municipal Service Fees. The second Public Hearing is to receive written and verbal comment on the possible road abandonment of the eastern portion of Heritage Road. Interested individuals are encouraged to attend and participate. More information is available below or by calling Austin Bleess, City Manager at (207) 493-3324 x230.

2014-3 Municipal Service Fee

Heritage Road Public Hearing Info

Tax Acquired Properties for Sale by Bid

The City of Caribou is soliciting competitive sealed bids for the sale of four Tax Acquired Properties. Bids are due no later than 1:30 PM on May 1, 2014 and will be opened publicly at that time. Details of the bid process and bid packets on each property are below.

Ad – Properties for Bid April 2014

Property #1             Property #2

Property #3            Property #4

Request for Bids – Library Steps Replacement

April 07, 2014

The City of Caribou is requesting sealed bid proposals for “Library Steps Replacement” which includes replacing and matching the existing concrete library steps on the south side of the building.

The bid should include pricing for the following work:

General: The Contractor shall remove the concrete steps and a portion of the sidewalls to expose sound concrete. Though it is not our intention to have the top landing of the steps replaced, this landing needs to be repaired, especially the large crack located across the center, as well as the southerly edge; all existing and new/proposed exterior concrete shall be sealed. The concrete debris shall be disposed of properly.

The existing metal handrails shall be salvaged and reused as part of this project. The existing metal treads shall be removed and become the property of the Contractor and/or disposed of properly; if repairs dictate, reuse of the metal treads at the south edge of the top landing shall be discussed with the Library Director. The existing hose bib, associated water line, and the remote water meter reader at the west sidewall shall remain and be protected. All other existing sidewall penetrations shall be permanently removed and penetration areas plugged or included within new concrete sidewalls.

As the library steps are contiguous with the library basement walls, the interior of the library basement shall be protected by the Contractor from weather and animals/people during construction. All items within the library basement, under the existing steps, shall be temporarily moved to other areas of the library basement by library staff. The Contractor shall protect all interior piping and water meter during construction.

Concrete requirements:
1. The work shall include furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals required for all cast-in-place concrete including reinforcing steel, forms, water stops, and miscellaneous related items, such as sleeves, anchor bolts, inserts and embedded items specified.
2. Concrete shall be provided by a reputable contractor.
3. Concrete work and ingredient proportions shall conform to all requirements of ACI 301.
4. Concrete shall be 4,000 psi. All concrete shall be air entrained 6% +/- 1%.
5. A copy of the concrete delivery slip shall be given to the Library Director.
6. Reinforcing Steel: ASTM A615 Grade 60; Stirrups and ties Grade 40.
a. Minimum #4 rebar at 12 inches on center each way each face;
b. Minimum #4 rebar dowels, 24 inches long, shall be drilled and mortared into existing sound concrete at 24 inches on center (12 inches deep).
c. Steel nosing (minimum 1 inch x 1 inch) shall be cast into each tread
7. Finishing
a. Vertical and horizontal exposed surfaces of concrete step sidewalls as well as vertical surface of the steps shall be given a grout cleaned finish.
b. The tread surface of the steps shall be broom finished perpendicular to the direction of traffic.

Other requirements:
1. Each tread shall be pitched ¼ inch per foot (approx. 2%) to drain
2. Existing railings shall be reused.
3. Bonding agent shall be utilized where new concrete meets existing.
4. Appropriate caulking/joint sealant shall be used to seal all joints, especially where new concrete meets existing.
5. Sealant for new and existing exterior concrete surfaces shall be Prosco Salt Guard or equivalent.
6. Lawn areas disturbed for formwork or due to construction measures shall be repaired by installing new loam, seed, and mulch.
7. The project shall be completed by June 13, 2014.
8. The Contractor shall provide a 1 year warranty for all work and products used for this project.

The Contractor shall supply a minimum of three (3) references with his bid.

All sealed bid proposals shall be submitted to the Caribou City Office with “LIBRARY STEPS REPLACEMENT” marked clearly on the front of the envelope. Please mail or deliver to Austin Bleess, City Manager, 25 High St, Caribou, ME 04736 no later than 2 PM, on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at which time they will be opened and read aloud.

The Caribou City Council will review and award the bid at their meeting on April 28, 2013. The City of Caribou reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bid proposals which are in the best interest of the City.

The Contractor shall provide a certificate of insurance upon Notice of Award.

If you have any questions regarding the bid, please contact our offices at 493-3324 ext. 230.


Austin Bleess
City Manager

Library Steps Replacement Bid Package

Caribou City Council Notice of Public Hearing

The Caribou City Council will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, April 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm in City Council Chambers, 25 High Street. The Hearing is to receive written & verbal comment on a proposed Ordinance streamlining the fee for Mini Split Heat Pumps. Copies of the proposed Ordinance are available in the City Clerk’s Office and below. Interested individuals are encouraged to attend and participate.

2014-2 Heat Pump Installation

A Special Municipal Election will be Held to Fill a Vacancy on the City Council

A Special Municipal Election will be held June 10, 2014 to fill a vacancy on the City Council.

Office of City Councilor (term to expire December 31, 2014)

Nomination papers are available beginning Monday, March 17, 2014, in the City Clerk’s Office in the municipal building.     

Anyone striving to hold this office must be a registered voter in Caribou, must have nomination papers signed by at least twenty-five other registered Caribou voters, and if elected would be eligible to serve. The completed nomination papers must be filed with the City Clerk, no later than 5:00 on April 25th, in order to be placed on the ballot in June.

                                                                        Jayne R. Farrin, City Clerk

Supporting Community: Empowering Kids To Be Successful

No one is sure who loses more sleep worrying about the decisions they have made…..parents or children.    Today’s parents have a more difficult time monitoring, disciplining and protecting their children.   Social media has created a whole new world and one that is difficult to navigate both for parents and young people.   Fortunately the Community Alcohol and Drug Education Team (CADET) and the Power of Prevention Program will be hosting a program for parents on Wednesday, March 26th at the Caribou Middle School entitled:  Empowering Kids to Be Successful.

Empowering Successful Kids:  Raising confident, caring young people takes intentional actions.   Positive actions by parents, teachers, neighbors, faith leaders and an entire community can help kids identify their “SPARK”!    “Sparks” is a metaphor for describing how young people experience talents, interests, or strengths that make them feel really happy, energized, and passionate, and that give them real purpose, direction or focus.  Research shows that kids who thrive have two important supports:  knowledge of what their sparks are and adults who support the development of those sparks.  So what are you doing to support the young people in your community?

The best supportive role that most adults can play is simply as a source of encouragement.   On Wednesday, March 26th, positive youth development expert, Lori A. Hoffner will share with us the impact of a strength-based approach using the Search Institutes 40 Developmental Asset Framework.  The evening will help parents, teachers, neighbors, faith based organizations, clubs , service organizations, youth sport coaches and any other individuals or groups that work with children to learn how they can empower local youth.

Hoffner was the Executive Director of PACCT, a small non-profit in Jefferson County, Colorado, for 11 years.   PACCT is an organization dedicated to the success of youth and community.  Following the tragic shootings at Columbine High School in 1999, Hoffner, through her leadership with PACCT was invited to help with the creation of Columbine Connections Resource Center, a community center dedicated to the healing of those impacted along with SHOUTS, a teen drop-in center for the youth of the community. She worked closely with leaders from mental health organizations, the school district, local law enforcement and park and recreation agencies. Lori is highly regarded as a network agent for community collaborations.

Hoffner’s experience in a variety of community roles has provided her with a wide range of situations where a unique set of strategies were required to address the issue(s) at hand. These experiences led to the development of Supporting Community giving Hoffner the opportunity to share her message and successes with communities and organizations nationwide.

Come join us at the Caribou Middle School at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26th to learn how an entire community that provides intentional actions, support and encouragement can help all our young people THRIVE !

Volunteer Needed for Caribou Planning Board

The City of Caribou is looking for a volunteer to serve on the Caribou Planning Board. If interested, please apply with the City Clerk at 25 High Street.  The application is below:

Volunteer Application for Boards & Commissions

Citizen input wanted for Community Development Block Grant Applications

The City of Caribou is seeking citizen input on Community Development Block Grant applications. The City of Caribou is planning on submitting letters of intent for CDBG grant applications in the areas of Economic Development, Micro-Enterprise Assistance, Housing Assistance, and Workforce Development. Information on applicable projects and conditions are available through the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development Office of Community Development at

Citizens interested in submitting ideas to the Community Development Advisory Committee can do so through via email by contacting Tony Mazzucco, Assistant City Manager/CDBG program administrator at Citizens interested in joining the Community Development Advisory Committee, which in Caribou also serves as the Community Revitalization Committee, should contact Austin Bleess, City Manager, at or by calling 493-3324 ext 230.

The City of Caribou Community Development Advisory Committee will hold a meeting on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 at 6:30pm to review proposals and vote on which proposals the City will submit letters of intent for. All meetings are open to the public and citizen input is highly desired.

The City of Caribou is looking forward to submitting Public Infrastructure and Downtown Revitalization CDBG grant applications in 2015 and ideas for submissions in those categories will be accepted as well.

Notice to Contractors – Installation of Heat Pumps

The electrical wiring of Heat Pumps must be done by Licensed Electricians.  The State of Maine has issued a memorandum of understanding which allows non-electricians to install the electrical wiring and components of mini split heat pumps. This memorandum does not apply in Caribou. See the link below for details:

Notice to Contractors on Installation of Heat Pumps

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